Water filled collapsible dams are made of multi layered strong composite material. The package consists of four flexible pipes of 25m length. Each of these flexible pipes is easily installed in 15-20 minutes, which replaces the need of thousands of sacks of sand.
As seen, water filled collapsible dams give the opportunity to organize the safety of essential objects: dwellings, hospitals, schools, wells, industrial enterprises in case of flood.
Specialist labour is not required to erect.
This type of equipment is widely used in the USA, EU countries and other developed countries to provide effective protection to the objects from flood. Also they are permanently used during the reparation process or building of different hydro technical constructions, including landing places, dams and bridges. Also this equipment is widely used in works connected with reparation of underwater areas of major pipelines.

To see the Flood Containment system in action, see the video below.


  • Mobility - transported in and rolled into position
  • Installation speed - rapid installation and deactivation when no longer required
  • Performance - using Floodbloc 25m dam replaces many thousands of sand bags
  • Re-use - cost saving