Flexible Tanks For Water Storage

PER-W flexible tanks for designed for storage and transportation of water, human and agricultural use.

Suitable for automotive, marine, fishing, tourists etc. Range of sizes available.

Flexible Pillow

Polyester material - double covering of Polyurethane or Polyvinyl Chloride, chemically resistant to stored products.

Fabric Tanks

For collection of oil sludges, complete with handles. Before use they are light and compact, suitable for delivery on site by transport and assembled in seconds.

Flexible Tanks

Flexible tanks of PER-W series are designed for storage and transportation of pure and feed water as well as private and agricultural as well as industrial use, including the organisation of fire safe water storages and water delivery to the places of fire outbreak.

Flexible tanks for water PER-W of pillow form are produced serially, and also (according to the size of the customer) set in opened and closed modifications, which should be installed in reference state, on the lofts, basins.

Capacity of standard Flexitanks PER-W(P,T) from 1 cubic to 120 cubic meter and more.

General characteristics of flexible tanks PER-W for pure and feed water transportation on the platforms of automobiles and auto train.

The shells of flexible tanks are made from extra strong materials and are provided with binding ratchet straps for the transportation platform, trunk, auto train, carriage body.

Stationary and transportation flexible tanks are successfully used for the storage and delivery of water solutions of agricultural chemicals and fertilizer liquid.