Field Fuel Storages

Field Fuel Storages are the cost effective temporary relocatable bulk fuel storage systems - based on collapsible fuel bladder tanks, a contemporary alternative to the earlier method of storing fuel and water.

Field Fuel Storage is widely used in all areas of the world in field conditions based on cost, ease of delivery and installation and, above all, on performance.

100 cubic metres storage 'kit' delivered in a 20ft container - erected by 8 persons in three days:

  • Delivery and assembly
  • All seasons suitability -55c to + 80c
  • Competitively prices
  • Pre delivery ground preparation minimal
  • Ecologically safe
  • Corrosion and environmental impact resistant


Field Fuel Storage tanks come in a range of sizes

from → 1000ltrs
to → 120,000ltrs

Custom sizes up to 500,000 available on request.

Field Fuel Storage Depot

  • Collapsible fuel bladder tank PER-n safe fuel storage
  • Capacity 25m3 - 125m3 - connectors made of silicone rubber resistant to high temperatures and chemical content for insulating oils
  • Impervious bern
  • Delivery suction hose and pipelines
  • Lock value
  • Quick strike connections 'cam-leek' or TK
  • Pumps, counters, filling station dispensers
  • Signalling systems and fire fighting facility
  • Lighting protection systems
  • All equipment required to maintain Field Fuel Storage Unit


On close down of system no half filled tanks or barrels remain which are a dangerous source of technological contamination. Land re-cultivation is not necessary.

NB Collapsible pillow tanks used in both civil and military situations.