A UK Company specialising in the development and supply of collapsible pillow tanks, fuel bladders, and soft shells for oil, gas and chemical industries. Also suppliers of FLOODBLOC systems for emergency use in major flood situations.

Mobile collapsible crude oil tanks have recently been introduced including elastic tanks for oil tankers of thermoplastic and composite materials.

Supplying products across a wide market including South America, North Africa, Asia, and the Arctic Circle.

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Flexifab have been shortlisted for the Innovative award at the Global Tank Storage Awards 2018

In the last 3 years Flexifab's sister company NPF Polytechnika has fabricated / installed the following flexible storage tanks:

Smallest Tank Size: 4m3 (4,000 litres)
Largest Tank Size: 250m3 (250,000 litres)
Total No. of Tanks Fabricated: 752 No
Total Volume of Tanks Fabricated: 166,214m3 (166,214,000 litres)
Largest Single Contract 50,000m3 (50,000,000 litres) / 200 tanks
No of Clients 49


Suitable for storage and transportation of fuel, crude oil, gasoline, as well as drinking and technical water
Organization of cost-effective Temporary Relocatable Bulk Fuel Storage System and Mobile fuel storage tank farms
Latest alternative to old fashioned practices of fuel and water storage

FUEL FARMS (FFD)Developed to provide facilities for the storage of fuel and oil, particularly in remote areas
such as drilling operations and mining exploration.
These units range from 500m3 to 15,000m3